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Our playful journey with flowers is boundless. Let’s immerse in the universe of floral “metamorphoses” signed by Métaphore and contact us for more creative ideas.

  • Centrepiece

    From: 1.750.000 

    Stylish Centrepiece - simplicity and sumptuous, we adore the colour of these beautiful flowers with pale pinks touches of foliage…

  • Pretty Pink

    From: 1.500.000 

    The prettiest of pink flowers that Hanoi flower market can offer – what could be more sweet! A feminine array…

  • David Austin

    From: 1.500.000 

    All round Seasonal arrangement of soft David Austin roses The price is including the delivery to Hanoi area We make…

  • Golden

    From: 1.500.000 

    Seasonal arrangement styled with a selection of rich and bright toned blooms with a touch of gold. Everyone needs a…

  • Melody

    From: 2.500.000 

    Hear the gentle music of spring with these beautiful pastel and purple elements working together to create our stunning melody…

  • Snow ball

    From: 1.500.000 

    Our designers created an arrangement using preserved and fresh flowers. These delightfully soft shades of salmon, white and orange look…

  • Sculptural

    From: 800.000 

    Contemporary arrangement of unusual textures and foliages combined with long lasting flowers The price is including the delivery to Hanoi…

  • Love

    From: 1.700.000 

    Radiant red tones with hints of pretty pink embellish this vivid design, boasting the most breathtaking mix of Ecuador roses…

  • For Him

    From: 1.500.000 

    The best selection of caramel & orange that Hanoi flower market can offer – A masculine array of the seasons…